Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fitness Friday!

I know it isn't Friday, but I didn't get a chance to write this post last night, so deal with it :) I'm going to start writing 'Fitness Friday' [which will probably evolve into 'FF' or 'F2'] posts every week now. Basically, each Friday I will post a fitness tip, workout plan, etc. So here we go:

For my first FF post, I would like to share my absolute favorite thing to do at the gym: stationary cycling. Sure, the seat is uncomfortable torturous, it can be monotonous, and it is very challenging, BUT it is a great cardio workout, it is excellent for your lower body and abdominal muscles, and it is fun if you do it the way I do. 


  • Cycle [duh]
  • Mp3 player/radio
  1. Create a playlist with about 10 songs, depending on length of songs.
  2. Begin by cycling to the first song at comfortable pace/resistance level to warm up.
  3. On your next song, bump up the resistance and climb [standing cycle] during each chorus of the song.
  4. Repeat until end of playlist [approximately an hour] and use last song to cool down.

This cycling workout is a form of interval training which has been proven to burn fat more efficiently and add variety to your exercise. I enjoy it because I get to listen to my favorite songs for an hour :) Be prepared to sweat though...this shit is the real deal. 

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