Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Junk-Food Goddess

For the first time since I turned fifteen-years old, I am officially unemployed.
I don’t really know what this means, so I’ve broken it down a bit:

I no longer have a job.
I don’t need to wake up before seven o‘clock (or noon for that matter).
I don’t have to act like I am 35-years old.
Business/casual dress is OUT of my life.
I have eaten Ramen noodles twice in the last 24-hour period.
I do not have access to Adobe Illustrator (sad!).
I get to spend more time with the people I love.
I am going to be making serious budget adjustments.
I’ve reconsidered my lack of television.
I can stop wasting 10 hours a day on something I dislike.
I have more time to focus on school.
I have more time to focus on things I like to do.
I now have no excuse for my shitty commitment to blogging.
I now realize that what I’ve feared for so long is actually a blessing.

Other than spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, today consisted of two things: junk food and television. When asked what I’d done with my day at one o’clock in the afternoon, I promptly responded with, “Well I showered earlier”. I think I’m doing pretty damn well, right? Some people would consider this the mourning stage after such a traumatic and depressing event, but I’m actually just being lazy. I embrace this inner junk food goddess that has emerged…Superman slippers, messy house, racecar pj’s, Ramen Noodles, and all…I’m a complete package, you guys!


  1. I say live it up, as there aren't very many times in life you get the opportunity to say a new start. Heck if I didn't have a kiddo, I'd be right with you :) And ramen noodles come often around here... lol They are Azaelia's favorite thing. I always tell people who become unemployed to just enjoy the time off, but they look at me like I am crazy, but if you make a big stink about it then that's what it is a big deal, when really it's life. Two thumbs up to Shelby for looking at the bright side!

  2. Enjoy the time...unemployment checks are a beautiful thing until they run out! And I have AI if you want a copy!

  3. I would absolutely love a copy!