Friday, August 6, 2010

Twenty before 20.

I honestly cannot believe that I’m turning twenty this year. It either seems like I should be turning seven or turning seventy-seven…I don’t feel twenty at all. Regardless, it’s going to happen in approximately twenty weeks and I have twenty very important things that I’d like to accomplish before I start this new decade in my life.

1. Paint my apartment.
2. Create something beautiful with the many, many paper cranes I’ve accumulated.
3. Pay off Queen Loretta Long Boobs (my car).
4. Lose twenty pounds.
5. Read twenty novels (see the progress post).
6. Complete my 60 Day Yoga Challenge.
7. Save $1,000 (about $200/month).
8. Complete my college courses with A’s.
9. Prepare twenty recipes I’ve never tried before (#1-Cheesy Zucchini Pizza).
10. Broaden my career horizons and quit fearing the loss of my job. (I got laid off).
11. Fire hoop for the very first time!
12. Ban processed foods for twenty days straight.
13. Camp on my hammock for a weekend.
14. Veg. out for an entire day (Pj’s, snuggly bed, TV, ice cream, etc.)
15. Visit a town I’ve never been to before.
16. Learn how to change the oil & spark plugs in my own car.
17. Cook the following: pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, and blueberry muffins (basically just 3 things that I’m craving at this very moment).
18. Learn to drive a vehicle with a manual transmission.
19. Go on a twenty-mile (or more) bike ride.
20. Take a really, really big risk (I don’t know what it’ll be, but hopefully I’ll know when I get to it).

I definitely have my work cut out for me, but by the time I get through this list, I’ll not only be older and wiser, but I’ll have gotten quite a few wonderful experiences under my belt. I’ll check items off as I accomplish them and add the details in (date, location, outcome, etc.), so check back every now and then to accompany me through my last few months as a 19-year old (:


  1. Hey, as far as visiting a town you've never been to then you should come to Murray, KY. We could hoop/yoga/veg. it out AND I have a couch.

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea, mind if I make my own list before I turn 23... wow I can't belive i'll be 23 lol.. I would like to join you on the yoga and the no processed food things as those are also things I need to do!

  3. Nicky, I would LOVE to come visit you! We may have to plan this out :)

    And of course you can make your own list, Britt! Go for it, lady.