Tuesday, August 9, 2011

T3- I'm not fat anymore!

I haven't blogged since April. I'll spare you the bullshit apology because the truth is that I am unemployed, on summer break from school, I have no friends, and my only real hobby is working out...I haven't been busy or anything; I just literally have nothing interesting to blog about. Also, I am irresponsible and lazy. My excuse? Hey, I am young :) 

So, as many of you know, I am not fat anymore! Those of you who don't know, I've lost about 30 pounds and I'm not fat anymore! A lot of people ask me how I've lost the weight, so I decided that I'd write this week's month's bi-annual blog post on my new lifestyle...T3 status [what what]. 

1.) Fuel- Here's the truth through my eyes regarding nutrition: what you put into your body is the most important decision you make, health-wise, on a daily basis. Exercising is extremely important, but if your body is not properly fueled, you will not be performing well enough in your workouts to see improvements that you need and desire. Exercise does not, and should not have to, cancel out poor nutrition. There is no magical diet to abide by; eating healthfully should not be viewed as a 6-week plan or temporary program, but something that you will be doing all day, everyday, for the rest of your life. 

General guidelines for my nutrition:
  • Absolutely no processed foods, with the exception of supplements. 
  • 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat macronutrient breakdown. 
  • The fresher and more natural, the better.
  • Cheat day is Saturday, but don't go get too crazy.
  • Write down everything that goes down the chute. 
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Take multivitamins and supplements consistently.
2.) Exercise- This is a no brainer: calories in, calories out. You can lose weight by eating better and sitting on the couch all day, but you're not going to get any stronger or fitter...I'd rather weigh 200 pounds and be able to run, jump, lift, kiiiiiiick, etc. than be stick-thin and have no physical ability. I have absolutely fallen in love with working out; it's what I do when I'm sad, happy, angry, bored, post-cheat day, etc. The secret? Find something that you enjoy; for me, this includes CrossFit, spin classes, heated yoga classes, running [wtf?], and hiking. I highly recommend experimenting with new activities, finding a workout buddy, taking a group exercise class at your gym, creating a solid support system among your friends and family, and challenging yourself. I do things everyday that I never thought I'd be able to do and that, for me, is so much bigger than my shrinking size or the way I look in the mirror. 

My general workout schedule at a glance [AKA Beast Mode]:
  • Monday: 2 mile run, CrossFit (morning), spin class (evening), foam rolling & stretching.
  • Tuesday: Relatively low-intensity workout (morning), 5k run (evening).
  • Wednesday: 2 mile run, CrossFit + some nature of cardio (usually rowing), foam rolling & stretching. 
  • Thursday: Rest day (usually).
  • Friday: 2 mile run, spin class (morning), CrossFit (evening), foam rolling & stretching. 
  • Saturday: Spin class, Bootcamp class, foam rolling & stretching.
  • Sunday: A generally death-inducing CrossFit workout. 
3.) Motivation- Sincerely ask yourself this question: why do you want to get healthier? If you cannot answer this question or you want it for the wrong reasons, you will likely fail. My answer 6 months ago: to be happier, to be healthier, to live longer, and to feel better. That is precisely what I've achieved, but I have so many more reasons to keep going: I love the challenges, I love the accomplishments, and I love myself and my body. I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember; even when I wasn't technically overweight, I hated my body and was constantly struggling to lose a petty 10 pounds. Once I got into high school, as I blossomed into obesity due to inactivity and poor nutrition, I realized that I really wasn't fat before. Funny how that works, eh? By the time I turned 18, I had tried more diets than I had years to my name (Weight Watchers, South Beach, Adkins, Cabbage Soup, Special K, and even the pathetic HCG diet, to name a few). Some of them "worked" for a while, but there is really no way to lose weight but the right way: proper exercise and nutrition. I wouldn't be caught dead saying that it's been easy, but it's really not as hard as you may assume. The first two weeks are always the hardest part of any new routine, whether the goal be losing weight, quitting smoking, consistently flossing, etc. Just stick it out for two weeks and remember that it WILL get better.

Some motivational techniques of mine:
  • Write down your goal somewhere that you can see it everyday.
  • Find a motivational phrase that will keep you going (mine is "Pain is temporary. Quitting is forever." It's tattooed on my wrist.)
  • Find a fitness idol (Julie Foucher is my bitch!!)
  • Make a goals/rewards poster (located to the left).
  • Deem a song your official "kick ass song" to start every workout with (my current song is Kick in the Teeth by Papa Roach).
  • Get a subscription to a fitness magazine (Muscle & Fitness Hers and Oxygen are my favorites).
  • Take before, half way, right now, anytime, and after pictures (also at the bottom of this post).
  • Type in 'CrossFit' on will not regret it.
  • Get a badass nickname. I have several: Rocky, Sweet Muscles Shelby, and Womanimal :) 
  • Always remember that you can do anything you set your mind to.

"You can have results or excuses. Not both."


  1. as are amazing and I am so proud of you!

  2. Shelby,
    You look great and are as feisty as ever! I'm proud of you! Keep it up.