Thursday, August 5, 2010


It's Thursday, which means the following: tomorrow is Friday, it is one day closer to the weekend, and I have things to bitch about on the internet. Let's just jump on into this thing, mmkay?

1. 'Check Engine' Lights- Listen here, you pretentious bastards, why can't you just tell me what the hell is wrong? Can't there just be a 'Your Spark Plugs Shit the Bed' light? Instead, you put on your vague, unhelpful, useless blink-blink just to make me nervous and start envisioning fiery explosions. Now I have to drive to AutoZone, talk to an awkward associate, and pay them to hook my car up to a computer just so I can hear the news that my 3 year-old spark plugs need to be changed. This is why I hate the automobile industry (along with the depreciation factor and the lack of U-turn signals on cars).

2. Washer-to-Dryer Transition- I always forget about you. It's not that you're not important because in actuality, you really, really are. It makes me so sad when I forget to switch my clothes from the washer to the dryer in a timely fashion. By the time I remember, usually two days later, the contents smell like stale air, mildew, and crunchy laundry detergent. At this point, you have no choice but to rewash and restart this unfortunate process. Sorry clothing, I'll see you in two days when I remember that I forgot about you again. Little do you know, I won't actually dry you for about 2 weeks because I'll just keep forgetting you until I have to remember because I have no panties left.

3. Your opinion- I don't want it.

All done (: Out with the bitching, in with the FRIDAY! You guys have a wonderful weekend. I have an exciting post tomorrow...I'm really looking forward to sharing it. PS: I apologize for the lack of illistrations- it is almost 10 o'clock and I'm a mega-granny and it is far beyond my bedtime.


  1. Dude. Totally left the whites in the washer for A WEEK AND A HALF. Jesus C.... I suck at laundry. It should all be one machine..

    -Savannah (cause I don't feel like logging in...)

  2. Haha. You lazy bastard. Like you can't take 3 seconds out of your Mario Kart/Blogging-filled day to log in. I'm so glad that I'm not alone with my terrible habits...