Thursday, July 22, 2010

T3: Inverted!


  1. I love what your thankful for it couldn't be said better:

    1.My family: I am thankful for being able to spend everyday with my daughter, I am thankful my husband works so that I can.

    2. Health: Definately, as my tooth began to ache last night, I was immediately thankful that I can still chew the foods I love unlike a few people I know.

    3. Earth: It provides us with every need we have as humans, and so many people take advantage of it everyday. Well not me, I love it and am thankful for it everyday.

  2. Another three very important things to be thankful for (:

  3. I love and appreciate your exceptionality too (I like that word!) :) "Normal" people are boring! :D

  4. Aw thank you, Jenna! You are definitely an exceptional person, too :D

  5. Shelby -

    LOVE the blog. Consider me a new (and regular) reader as well! Thanks for stopping by mine as well..pretty amazing the connections you find and HOW they come about. Keep on smilin' girl.