Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yay Mayor Bee!

Happy Thursday. Oh yes...that means tomorrow is Friday, which means that my three day weekend is almost here. What's irritating me today?

1. Walmart- I hate Walmart...I think everyone in my life already knows this. I try to avoid it at all costs, but quite frankly, there are just things that I don't really feel like paying extra for at Whole Foods or King Soopers. These examples are toilet paper, ziploc bags, and cat food. That's right, apparently I'd rather face the people of Walmart to save $2 on cat litter. I went today to purchase my boss' retirement present (sad day, boss man)...I literally almost killed 6 people while I was in there for 20 minutes. I just hate the general public of Walmart...they're rude, smelly, inconsiderate, selfish...and Walmarty.

2. Bad moods- man, these are the worst. Every now and then, I get so cranky and grouchy for no apparent reason and I act like a total poop hill to everyone around me. I'm almost positive that I had a mild mental breakdown at a stop light because I was thinking about my cat peeing in my dryer this morning before I left for work. It frustrates me even now to think about it. What a little bitch that cat is for pissing in my dryer. Maybe #3 should just be about how much I hate my cat today...

3. Pheobe- what a flippin' jerk she is right now. I took that little fluff-ball home when she was only 10 weeks old. I snuggled with, let her play with my necklace while she was learning how cool shiny things are, and I taught her how to jump onto the bathroom sink so that she could watch me brush my teeth. I payed $800 to save her life and get her buttcheek sewn together when she fell off of the refrigerator, Tit and I stayed up with her all night for 4 nights while she was healing from her surgery, and I fed her out of the palm of my hand when she couldn't reach the food bowl because of her giant kitty-cone. And this is how she repays me?? By pissing in my dryer?? What a little crapster she is. Sure, there was the one time I accidentally abandoned her outside for 2 hours while I walked to Natural Grocer's to get discount lettuce, but we reconciled our friendship...we're moving past this! Maybe we just need to have a good ol' talk when I get home. No matter what, I love my Pheobe...she's my girl <3

Happy almost Friday, guys. I hope everyone has sweet plans for the weekend.

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