Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Thing Thursday

So, one of the bloggers that I read daily does a "Three Thing Thursday" where she vents about three things that are bothering her on that Thursday. Well, I'm going to copy her and start doing this, too. I do what I want; it's my blog. Also, this may give me a reason to post more than once every two weeks. Annnnd roger; here we go:

1. My own pet peeves are becoming a pet peeve of mine. I hate that I hate loud chewing, I hate that I hate grammatical errors, I hate that I hate everything that I hate. I wish I could accept the fuzzy or the stray hair that has fallen on my hoodie sleeve, the sound of someone unwrapping a Snickers in an early morning meeting at work, or the really important email that I never got a response on. Something inside clicks on whenever I become exposed to one of my starts as a simple annoyance and desire for that thing to stop existing, but it quickly elevates to heavy breathing, a racing heartbeat, and an urge to punch a baby squirrel right in it's stupid, furry mouth. I love squirrels...obviously something is really getting to me if I want to fight one. I just wish I could be a little bit normal with things that bother me...

2. Justin Bieber: self explanatory. I do like his hair helmet really accentuates his teeth; I may need to invest in a Bieb-shag, too. 

3. Consumerism...don't worry, I'm not going to go into my full-blown "I hate consumerism" speech. Yet. It just really gets on my nerves that materialism and consumerism has spiked so much in the past few years. Watching everyone around me (and sometimes myself included) buy things they don't need, obsess over having the newest phone, iPod, tv, etc., and worrying about petty, stupid possessions seriously drives me nuts. Usually I can just ignore it, focus on my life, and move on, but every now and then it really disappoints me that people have become this way. Here's my subliminal message of the day: get rid of your tv. 

HAPPY THURSDAY! What three things are bothering you today?


  1. You're representation of Bieber uncannily accurate!

  2. Thank you, Matt. I try really hard. Hopefully I'll start trying harder with this whole blogging thing. Maybe one day people other than you will read it :)

  3. ...furthermore, if my name had anything to do with the word Bieber, I would be called Bieb or Biebster. I don't know what the hell he is thinking going by Justin. Justin?? Really??