Thursday, July 15, 2010

T3: Engage!

Thursdays: the day after Wednesday, the day before Friday, my 4th favorite day of the week, and the day that I get to bitch about everything that’s been bothering me all week. I actually did not do a Three Thing Thursday last week (we’re going to call this T3 from now on and sound really awesome, mmkay?) because of the following reasons: I forgot, I was actually doing my job that day, I didn’t have anything to bitch about, and I already met my quota of one blog last week...okay, so I suck, what are we going to do about that?

Here, Thursday, stick this shit in your juice box:

1. Chewing- Yep, you all knew that it was coming; in fact, I’m quite surprised that it hasn’t been posted on a Thursday before this one. I hate chewing...scratch that, I hate any sound that comes from a mouth, actually…usually including speech. I absolutely refuse to take responsibility for this pet peeve and severe form of anxiety that I suffer from: I solely blame this on my mother. Growing up, there was such a stress and concern placed on “smacking” or “chomping” as it was commonly referred to in my family. As a child, I was actually afraid to eat around my mother because I knew that I’d probably get scolded for allowing my Cool Ranch Doritos to crunch beneath my molars…this is something that has extended into mine and my sister’s adulthood and has imbedded its stupid, little self into our brains. The sound of chewing doesn’t irritate me…it’s an emotion that I find really hard to explain to people that have never experienced it for themselves. It makes me annoyed at first, but quickly turns into anxious, angry rage and discomfort. I almost always have to walk away from the culprit of this issue…I have to take a few deep breaths, remind myself that people chew in order to digest food, and that no matter how much effort I put forth trying to abolish chewing, it’ll probably never happen. But shit, people, can we keep our mouths closed?

2. Care Credit- I hate them. This is the company that I have my veterinary credit card through (for the aforementioned Pheobe/flower relationship that cost me over half of my college tuition, $35 a month, and my sanity). They call me every month complaining that I have not paid my minimum payment for the month. That’s a completely legitimate reason to bother someone, yes? Yes. UNLESS YOU AREN’T SENDING STATEMENTS TO ME AND I CANNOT PAY MY BILL WITHOUT THEM. The people that call me are: a) always assholes, b) always speaking poor English, c) always calling me while I’m at work, sleeping, at the gym, or extremely busy. I hate them.

3. Facebook- I’ve actually never been a big fan of Facebook, to be quite honest. If it weren’t for faraway friends and my lingering boredom while I’m at work, I wouldn’t have one. I went a few months recently without one and it was wonderful. I think that it can be a useful tool for connecting with friends and sharing information, but I don’t want to hear about what everyone on my friends list ate for lunch. I don’t think it’s necessary to update your status everytime you take a shit or put your child into timeout.

Alright, folks…there you have it. T3 done for this week and my mind is cleared. By the way, I know that it's really hard to fight your urge to propose marriage to me after seeing my dank skills with today's drawing, but you better just fight it because I'm taken. I hope everyone has some kickass plans for the weekend :)


  1. DUDE I KNOW WHO FRISKY DINGO IS!!!! At least I know who mine is, and my Frisky Dingo is your friend too, so he's probably your Frisky Dingo too. Can we refer to annoying people in general as "Frisky Dingo"s from now on? I like it. = )

  2. Hahaha. That's probably one of my favorite drawings I've ever done.