Friday, March 25, 2011

T3- Traditional

I've gotten away from doing traditional Three Thing Thursdays because I've been trying to be more positive, but today I am throwing caution to the wind. Here's what is pissing me off this week :)

1.) Skeezas- [noun; a dirty, slatternly woman. Synonyms: tramp, skank, hoski, etc.] Call me old-fashioned, but since when is it a positive thing to look and act like a cheap hooker? I'm all down for being proud of your body and expressing yourself, but nobody wants to see buttcrack and nipples when they're eating a sandwich [except for men, I guess]. Women these days just have a severe lack of public-censorship and really means something for me to say that. For example, I watched a girl I know [who was sober, mind you] scream "I love to fuck" multiple times in an extremely crowded place the other day. We all love sex, skeeza, but there's no need to yell about it. 

2.) Tofu- I freaking hate tofu. Everyone assumes that vegetarians love/eat tofu, but I am certainly an exception to this stereotype. There's not even anything to compare tofu to because the world is not large enough for two incredibly disgusting things [except mochi, aka foreskin icecream; somehow Earth has made room for that, too]. I have only come up with one conclusion for tofu: tofu=couch cushion. 

3.) Cell phones- Regardless of the activity [driving, working out, spending time with family, dancing, walking, riding a bike, pooping], cell phones have taken over. I have a ghetto, T9 capable, $25 phone and I have no intent on upgrading. I am so sick of people talking and texting on their phones when there is shit that needs to be done. Text messaging while driving has been proven to be more dangerous than drunk driving, so get the hell off of your cell phone and watch the road! 

Happy weekend, errbody! I'm going to write another post later that will be super :) 

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