Monday, April 4, 2011

Fitness Friday- Circuit of Death

Happy Monday, friends :) My sincerest apologies that I am posting my Fitness Friday post on this here lovely Monday, but I actually did eventful things this weekend for the first time in quite a while! Today, I'd like to share one of my favorite workouts, which I generally refer to as the Circuit of Death :)

This workout combines strength training with cardiovascular exercise in an interval/circuit setup, in layman's terms: this is worth the effort. This workout works best with 3+ gym buddies, but it can absolutely be done alone if your workout pals are chickens. For this example, I will be giving the steps/supplies as if there are 3 people doing the workout, but it can be easily adjusted for when everyone sees your great results and wants to start working out with you :)

  • 12 notecards (may vary depending on # of participants)
  • Large workout area (room for flailing and frolicking)
What to do:
  1. Write one workout on each notecard (i.e. pushups, squats, etc.) 
  2. Lay notecards in large circle.
  3. While gym buddy #1 is jogging/skipping around exercise area, buddy #2 and #3 will be doing the exercises to the jogger's right.
  4. When buddy #1 has completed the cardio card, everyone will rotate to the right.
  5. Complete one full rotation, rest for 1 minute, and repeat circuit AT LEAST 3 times.
Basically, however long the jogger is jogging, that is how long the other participants will be doing the exercises on the card in front of them. The distance for the cardio cards is absolutely up to the participants (it can be 2 laps around the exercise area, one mile, etc.), but the longer the cardio distance, the harder the circuit gets. Here is a drawing of my usual circuit:

This workout has endless possibilities and offers great results,'re welcome :)

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