Thursday, January 27, 2011

T3- Guilty Pleasures

Happy Thursday, everyone! I've been incredibly busy this week and it's only my fourth day of school, but I always sometimes make time for Three Thing Thursday (T3)! You ever have those days that really make you lose faith in society? I have those days a lot, but today was the exact opposite! I went on a hike today and everyone that I passed along the way was so pleasant and said hello. It really opened my eyes to the fact that there are more great people out there than I generally assume :) That has nothing to do with today's post, but I thought it was a nice little anecdote. This week's T3 will cover three of my many guilty pleasures, so go ahead and laugh at my expense:

1.) Used bookstores- This wouldn't be embarrassing at all if it were a pleasure and not an obsession. I love every single thing about used bookstores: the smell, the products, the people, the potential coffee, the price, the disarray, everything. If I could do anything in the entire world for a living and not worry about finances, I would simply work in a used bookstore. I'd love to own one someday...preferably something small in an unusual downtown area. There would have to be a free coffee area when you first walk in, a couple of gigantic, comfy chairs in the corners, low-volume chick music playing in the background, and books, books, books everywhere. I haven't thought about this or's only one of my biggest dreams. I'm just not sure that I could sell the books; I'd just want to keep them all and live there in my giant book-fort. With my cats...don't forget about my cats (I guess my boyfriend can come too if he still loves me after realizing that I'm insane).

2.) Homework- I don't know if I've ever actually admitted this one to anyone, but I couldn't make something like this up. The sweet thing about homework is that you really don't think about anything else; no finances, no family problems, no drama, nothing but homework. I like reading a writing for leisure, so English homework is a given...I obviously enjoy it whether it's an assignment or something I'm doing in my free time. I wouldn't do math for fun, but I actually do not mind doing it for homework. I think it's a really amazing feeling when I initially look at a problem and say "oh hell no, screw you, problem" and then eventually figure it out; it makes me feel like a smarty pants. 

3.) Lifetime- I sound like my mother, but I love Lifetime. What other network can you watch a movie about a hobo that impregnates an underage girl and eventually gets on his feet and follows through for his child and 15-year old lover who he eventually finds out is his long-lost little sister? Exactly my point.

Have a great Friday, readers! :)

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