Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 Things Right Now

Thursdays don't really exist to me anymore; actually, days of the week don't really exist to me anymore. When it doesn't matter what day of the week it is, they all just start meshing together and I stop caring if it's Sunday or Tuesday or Friday. I don't have a job or many responsibilities, so I hardly pay attention to the day it is. Today is Thursday for us right now because I have things that are irritating me that I'd like to write about, so happy Thursday on this here lovely Sunday!

1.)  Walmart- I'm done shopping at Wally World now. I've made this decision to stick it to the man once again; first I went vegetarian and now I am swearing off the world's largest corporation. There are obvious reasons for doing so: the parking lot, the people within, the smell, the low quality, etc; meanwhile, there are behind-the-scenes reasons that most people are unaware of. Walmart treats their employees like garbage; they are underpaid, overworked, and barely appreciated by customers and employers alike. Almost all of Walmart's employees are on government aid programs (Welfare, food stamps, Medicare, WIC, etc.) because their employer DEPENDS on these programs (and cheap Chinese products) so that they can underpay employees and provide shoppers the low prices that everyone is so concerned with. By shopping at other markets and spending an extra dollar or two, we're standing up for ourselves and our fellow citizens by cutting back some of the power that this corporation has on our country and our world. Plus, if you can avoid all of the electric carts containing people that are too lazy to walk, loud children that continually run into you, the garbage food that they promote, the ridiculous amount of time you spend standing in line, and the demographic of people that you fall into just because you shop there, why the hell wouldn't you?

2.) Marriage- Every little girl dreams of their wedding day; walking Barbie and Ken down the aisle that  you've fashioned out of toilet paper, imagining what your dress will look like and where you'll go on your honeymoon. Little girls grow up, date a few piece of shit boyfriends, get their heart broken, and eventually find someone that they fall in love with and decide to marry. What was the key phrase in the last sentence? "LITTLE GIRLS GROW UP". I've met a few couples that have been together since age 18 and make it work; they wouldn't change a thing even if they could go back in time- they're supposed to be together...they're the exception to the rule. I feel like everyone around me is getting married so young and so quickly without knowing their partner for long at all. I simply do not understand the rush. What happened to dating someone for a year or two and enjoying the process? Call me old-fashioned, but I really believe in knowing the person that you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with. Oh and the baby excuse isn't valid's 2011 and obviously if you are that worried about religion, you wouldn't have been making babies anyway, so you can wait for marriage. 

3.) Buffets- Ew! I wasn't even aware that people still ate in these "restaurants"! They're absolute breeding grounds for bacteria and low-quality food. I may be too cautious, but I find it entirely too difficult to trust an eating establishment that serves chicken fingers and chinese food next to the imitation crab meat and the jello. All out in the open like that, it makes me nauseous to think that my food has mated with 100 other people's food. I want virgin salad mix- I don't want the same salad that the guy in the corner eating the ice cream and picking his nose just least I don't want to know that we are eating the same salad. I ate at a Chinese buffet last week because I was invited by my wonderful father. I was actually really surprised because the food was pretty tasty and there were plenty of vegetarian options for me to pick from. I was surprised again when we all ended up with some unpleasant bathroom time for the next few hours. I would rather not be surprised like this again- goodbye, buffets!

Don't be pissed at me if you got married yesterday to your partner of 2 months and you are now eating at a buffet and planning your honeymoon in a Walmart. You should be pissed at yourself :)


  1. Haha Shelby I love you so much. I absolutely love reading your blog. It makes me miss you so much. And then again it makes me feel like a selfish bitch because we haven't hung out in like uhhhh ages. I miss you so much girl. I have been thinking about what you said about people getting married young. I fit into your knowing its right category. But I know so many people that are in such a rush do do the baby and marriage thing. They all think that it is sunshine and daisies, but it sure as hell isn't! It is one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. There are so many people that I just want to sit them down and slap some sense into them. Marriage isn't right for everyone at a young age. And these "little" girls getting prego. Good god I wanna slap them too! All in all I think that you and I need to have lunch very soon because I am only working one day a week now so I have more time. I miss you so much!

  2. Brandi, you are not a bitch. Haha. And you are one of the people that has made young marriage work and I think it's very respectable. You're a wonderful mother and don't apply to what I said :) Can't wait to see you on Friday!