Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dearest Domers

Dearest Domers,
Allow me to introduce myself in case everyone forgot: I'm Shelby! I technically run this hot mess of a blog, but as we've all been observing for about a month, I am less than proficient at doing so. I can hardly apologize because I'm not so sorry at all, but I will explain myself since you all deserve it.

I got kidnapped 5 minutes after I wrote my last post on here. How does that feel, reader? You've been trash-talking me for the past few weeks because I'm "such an irresponsible blogger" and "I don't even deserve a place to write on a bathroom wall, let alone a prestigious blog like The Info-Dome". It's not my fault, you guys! I've been trapped in this ridiculous land where I have no responsibilities, no internet connection, and absolutely nothing to write about but my cats, the newest episode of Weeds, and what happens to men when they eat chili dogs. 

Don't worry, I escaped. I actually almost have interesting things to write about now, too, so that'll be happening tomorrow in celebration of Three Thing Thursday coming back into all of our lives! 

And you know what? None of you are allowed to be pissed off at me because I'm on vacation right now in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Why is that a reason not to be angry with me for being a shitty blogger? Because I'm getting great material here. Funny shit happens in the South. Things that Southern people don't think are funny, but things that normal people think are really, really funny. AND I slept on a urine stained, airport floor in Charlotte in order to get here and I did it JUST for all of you...JUST so you could have something to do at your job that you probably hate. You're welcome.

On a serious note, thank you all for being understanding. I'm not even sure who I'm talking to because if I subscribed to this blog, I would have stopped reading when I realized how unreliable the writer can be. I hope everyone is doing great! 


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