Tuesday, September 7, 2010

19 and Homesick

I miss eating dinner at a table.
I miss waking to the smell of coffee.
I miss the times when the staircase was the only distance between us.
I miss our puppy dog.
I miss our beautiful home.
I miss hearing you laugh and talk.
I miss when I could look at our pictures without tears in my eyes.
I miss the way I never had to make an appointment to see you.
I miss having someone to say goodnight to.
I miss our Sundays.
I miss my corner of the couch.
I miss home cooked meals.
I miss falling asleep next to the fireplace.
I miss the way I never felt lonely.
I miss the way you asked about my day.
I miss the way we talked more than once a week.
I miss never wondering where you are.
I miss when we were functionally dysfunctional.
I miss feeling protected and safe.
I miss the days I didn't worry about money.
I miss life before them.
I miss the days when you still cared about us more than anything.
I miss the times you told me that you were proud of me.
I miss when I wasn't ashamed to admit what we'd become.
I miss having a family.
I just want to go home.

1 comment:

  1. Aw Shelby dear. I love you and everything will work itself out. I always finding my self thinking about when my mom and step dad would come downstairs and "tuck" me and my sister in and we would talk about how our days went and me and my sister would fight till the death and we would sit at the dinner table and have dinner conversations. And our house was always so so clean because of my mama. And I miss our kitties and our puppy dog Sammy. Haha I miss riding the bus with my Shelby dear talking about all of the dipshits that liked us and would look at our butts when we would get off of the bus lol. And the days I would pick you up from school and we would have our Shelby Brandi talks. I can't wait til we go get coffee on Monday. I love you.