Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Thing Thursday: Confessions

I’m going to mix today’s post up a bit due to boredom in my life and routine. Today is Three Thing Thursday: Confession Edition. On this second of September, you will learn of at least three facts that you did not already know about your’s truly.

1. My number one fear is that my car will be invaded by crows or other large birds while I am driving. Seriously. Imagine this before you judge me: you’re cruising along the highway at a steady 65 MPH in your lovely Subaru Outback, windows down, your favorite music flowing. “Oh this is just a lovely world we live in, isn’t it?” you think to yourself, but it’s not today because you’re about to get fucking attacked by a bird the size of your face. Its giant, flailing body enters your window in a frenzy and you begin to chuckle at the thought of a bird being the source of your demise, but this is no joke. This is serious. The bird begins to panic and attempt an escape, but neither of you are getting out of this alive. As you careen into oncoming traffic, the few seconds before your life comes to an end is filled with feathers and bird shit…how funny is this fear now, reader?

2. I eat frozen peas. Not weird? How about the fact that I eat them straight from the freezer? Yep, no cooking necessary for this delicious snacky-snack.

3. I have to take a drink of water in between every bite of food during a meal. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember and I can’t seem to break this weird little habit of mine. I usually drink at least three or four glasses of water during a meal because I just cannot continue eating unless I follow through with my pattern. Most people don’t notice that I do this, which is probably a good thing because everyone that’s ever taken note has made fun of me for it. This also contributes to how long it takes me to finish a full meal.

There are definitely more than three weird things about me that you don’t know, but these are my go-to answers for fun facts. I hope everyone is having a great week.

Enjoy the three day weekend!

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